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Experience a new revolution in comfort!
The UK’s finest hand built, Custom made rise & recline chairs

Help My Mobility Rise And Recline Technology

How these revolutionary rise and recline chairs will help you live independently

Find yourself struggling with everyday tasks, but still up for quality living. Assistive rise and recline chairs are beneficial. Reclining chairs smart seating solutions offer a selection of positions to maximise your comfort and maintain independent living.

Help My Mobility Rise And Recline Chairs

YES I Would Like to Try The Product Demonstration

Comfortable living space

Switch to rise and recline chairs as you advance in age for comfort.

A smart solution

These smart seating solutions offer a selection of positions to maximise your comfort.

Independent living

Helping you maintain independent living by allowing you to get in and out of the chair without assistance.

The right choice

We offer a FREE home demonstration to help you make the right choice.

What makes us different

We take full measurements for the seat to reflect your preferences. You can choose the chair style and fabric or leather to suit you.


Over 30 years of experience in the industry, we manufacture and supply UK-crafted furniture fitting your needs.

Improving your posture control and pressure care

Time to make a choice

If you are still weighing whether you should make the big shift…

Try these questions…

  • Do you find it difficult to get up out of a chair?
  • Do you find it getting harder to sit down on a chair or sofa?
  • Do you tend to sit for long periods of time in the same chair?
  • Did your physician advise you to keep your legs elevated when sitting down?
  • Do you experience back pain and need to often change your sitting position to get more comfortable?

If you answered YES!  to 3 or more then it’s time for you to look for your new perfect rise and recline chair.

Why keep struggling when you don’t need to?

Apply today and experience these brilliant rise & recline chairs for yourself. You’ll regret not doing it sooner!

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