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Compare and save money on the best stairlift brands and models in the UK

A no obligation quotation from approved companies

Use Help My Mobility stairlifts to request a no obligation quotation from our approved Stair Lift companies. We give you a courtesy call to let you know who which companies will be quoting and to ensure that you are happy to go forward.

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About Stairlift Comparison

We work with leading UK manufacturers so you can be sure of receiving the best possible products and service available. You can compare stair lift models, request quotes direct from our approved companies and view all of the latest stairlift offers.

Request Quotes and Save

Comparing multiple quotes you can more than often save money and still get great product quality. You can receive quotes direct from the UK’s leading stairlift companies. Saving you time and money.

The right choice for you

Our recommended suppliers offer a good range of product types and styles to fit your home. We are here to help you make the right comparison choice.

What makes us different

Our quality suppliers take full measurements for the stairlift to reflect your preferences. You can choose the styling and product type to suit you.

Improving your home access with approved quality stairlifts

When choosing a stairlift several factors need to be taken into account.

  • Is the stairlift for a curved or straight staircase?
  • Are there obstructions at the top/bottom of the staircase?
  • The actual purchase price of the equipment, whether the chairlift model is new or a reconditioned unit.
  • The cover and duration of the warranty.
  • The details in the maintenance contract.
  • The number of stairs on your staircase
  • The resale value, if any, of the stair lift

Before making a decision, you should shop around and ask lots of questions about the true value and costs of the stair lift being considered including the product itself and the installation requirements.

However it is essential not to confuse low price with value for money.

Restoring your freedom in your home?

Buying a stairlift restores safety and freedom to people with mobility issues. Continue living comfortably in you own home with relative ease. Help My Mobility are here to make your life easier!

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